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Lovin’ Coffee

Posted by on 12/22/2005

I will admit it. I’m a Starbucks lover. Many people turn up their nose at this coffee monopolizing conglomerate, but I say “bring it on”. I love Starbucks. I love the atmosphere, the comfy chairs, the checkerboard tables, and the huge kitchen table at my local Starbucks. I do not consider myself a coffee addict in the least. I do not even own a coffee maker myself. I don’t need a cup to start off my day. I just enjoy the taste once a week or so.

I recently went to The House of Blues in San Diego to hear the group Nickel Creek. They’re a rockin’ bluegrass band. Yes, I said “rockin” and “bluegrass” in the same sentence. They’re a very talented group of musicians who play the violin, mandolin and guitar. They have a song called “Coffee”. No joke. It’s all about how you may wish for certain things in life, like a husband/wife, to win the lotto, or anything else that pops into your head, but you may not ever achieve some of those things. Yet, if you wish for coffee, you can make it happen that instant. You can get up, go into your kitchen and make a pot of that hot, delightful liquid. The lead singer seemed a bit obsessed with coffee, of which I am not, but I still enjoyed his ditty. My point is that coffee is a big part of people’s lives. It is the second most traded commodity in the world, trailing only petroleum.

Thus, I think I have a right to enjoy a tasty coffee every so often. But, I have stipulations. I want a coffee that I cannot make at home. If I can go to Starbucks, Peet’s or It’s A Grind, buy some beans and take them home, I don’t want any part of it. I want something in which I would have to own an espresso machine. The drinks I consume would require me to learn to steam milk, buy a multitude of flavorings at my local world market and mix it together in just the right measurements. I like my caramel macchiato, my pumpkin spice latte, and my peppermint mocha. It’s different. It’s bold. It’s not plain, black coffee. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem going to someone’s home and consuming a cup of plain coffee with cream and sugar. That’s free. If I’m paying for it, I’m going all out.

The other appealing part of Starbucks or my other local cafe’s, of which It’s a Grind is a close second, is the atmosphere. When you enter a cafe, you are inundated with the aroma, the lifestyle and the conversation of coffee drinkers. When you leave, you trail the scent for a few hours. It’s great! Way better than smelling like a cigarette or something else that my nose finds repugnant. The ambience is soothing and comforting as I try to escape the outside world and all of the different directions I’m being pulled. I am able to sit back and have great conversations with my friends, read a good book or work on my Bible study. Nothing else can break my focus, save for a small, screaming child belonging to parents who miss their pre-child coffee drinking days and are trying to integrate their bundle of joy into that fleeting lifestyle, to no avail. It’s my oasis. Nothing can compare to a day at a cafe.

So, to those of you who refuse to even say the word “Starbucks”, may I give you one last thought. Starbucks may seem like a mega corporation, but it’s much more than that. It’s a place where, if you go often enough, you will be known and they’ll even make your drink before you open your mouth. You’ll make friends, you’ll share laughs and your pores will ooze that caffeinated goodness. Take a sip and enjoy the trip. Starbucks is here to stay.

Though most of my entries revolve around my faith, I have decided to go against the grain with this one, thanks to the encouragement of my good friend, Sarah.

6 Responses to Lovin’ Coffee

  1. Mark

    Finally something I can relate to. 😉

    I have a hunch I’m getting a French Press for Christmas, which I’m told will set my coffee obsession into overdrive.

  2. Dustin

    Go Java City! Go! I’m so sad there are none here in the Silicon Valley.

    Luckily at work we get the free latés from BeanTree. That’s definitely Blue Grass…

  3. Kaitlyn

    I LOVE STARBUCKS! It the best place ever. So I want you to take a guess where I want to go for my b-day? If you guessed something to do with coffee….your right! I’m one of your followers now after all I am your minee me. Can’t wait to see you.
    Love always,

  4. killingthemonkey

    If you ever visit SLC I’ll show you the Roasting Co. and Millcreek Coffee. You’ll never want to leave.

    My poison, however, is a Chai Latte.

  5. Sam Stone

    To be even saying that Starbucks is a coffee shop is streaching it for those who really know and love coffee.

    Most people who go to Starbucks wouldn’t probably even like real coffee if they had it at a good coffee house.

    Having owned two coffee stores in the past in Michigan, I can tell you for a fact that Starbucks is a very unethical company that delibrately tries to put independent coffee shops out of business.

    One example is that they will first try to get the lease away from the current owner to try to get the same location by offering double the rent, and if that fails they will open right across the street and try to put them out of business.

    It’s people like you who help them achieve these goals, because you just want to be one of the herd and don’t care about the actions of these companies. I bet you are one of those who think Walmart is great too.

    Please think what will happen if just a handful of these companies are running everything in America, they control the politicians and the economy and jobs and you ultimately will be affected in ways you did not even imagine.

    Use your brains people and don’t believe the Starbucks hype. These people are big cartels that have been driving down the cost of purchasing whole beans from the poor farmers around the world. Recently a whole bunch of farmers commited suicide because they could not even pay back the loans they took to grow the coffee crops. Starbucks pays less than 2 bucks a pound and sells them for 8-10 times in the USA pocketing the profit from people like you.