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Library life 2

Welcome to my blog and photography site. I am a photographer, full-time state worker, former television production engineer, Emmy Award winner, Master’s Degree holder, and Starbucks enthusiast. I have both my Undergrad and Graduate Degrees from Sacramento State in Communication Studies and have worked within the television industry in both Sacramento and San Diego.

I love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit a handful of countries, including Cairo, Egypt (through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Global Urban Trek), England, Scotland, Italy, and Greece.

During my Graduate studies, I picked up photography as a hobby and it has become more of a passion. I have entered my photos in the Sacramento County Fair and have also had the pleasure of having exhibits at the 38th & J St. East Sacramento Starbucks and Tim Collom Gallery.

In my spare time, I can be found taking pictures, reading at Starbucks, attending Broadway musicals, working on Bible Studies (via Community Bible Study (CBS) or Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), hiking around, working out, enjoying nature, or visiting with friends and family. I also love to take day trips to explore new places. Overall, I am a Christian woman who is thankful for the talents I’ve been given to capture the beauty that surrounds me, one image at a time.